How Do I Create a Support Site Account?

  1. In your browser, enter the following URL:
  2. Click Request Access.


  3. Complete all of the fields on the Account Request Form. The email address on this form must match the email address where you currently receive updates from Technical Support for call logging.


  4. Click Send. The following confirmation page is displayed to let you know you have completed the access request process.



Once your username and password have been set up, you will receive your new credentials in a confirmation email from ASI Support Services (between 24 and 48 hours after submission).

You will then be able to directly access and login to the ASI Client Support Portal from this URL: Please be sure to bookmark this URL for future use. You can also view our Quick Start Guide.

This will help us track the request and any back and forth communication very easily. It will also allow me to easily transfer your request over to another department if ever necessary.

You will simply be able to respond to the ticket by replying to the automated email sent from the system. All information will be logged and tracked in the ticket.

Instead of one single point of contact, this will open you up to a whole team of support.


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