What do we need to do if our Process Automation tasks are scheduled during the Azure Migration?

Q: What happens to Process Automation tasks scheduled during our Azure Migration?


A: iMIS will not recognize that the process automation task was not run.  It will run it the next time it’s scheduled.  For any non-system tasks, you can manually kick them off via the “Run Now” button on the task definition.  But this runs the risk of some items being picked up twice if the time period overlaps, or not getting picked up at all. (e.g.  Given a PA task that picks up any donations in the last 24 hours and sends thank you emails.  If it normally runs at 3 AM, but you run it at 6 AM it will also pick up any donations between 3 AM and 6 AM during the manual run of the task and again at the next scheduled time 3 AM.)  This is why iMIS doesn’t attempt to run any tasks that were missed.


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