Our iMIS Website has "asicanada" or "advsolhosting" or "imiscloud" in the URL. Do we need to update our own website DNS?

Q: Our website uses the "asicanada" or "advsolhosting" or "imiscloud" in its URL. Who do we contact to update our DNS?


A: If your site uses the "asicanada" or "advsolhosting" or "imiscloud" domain, ASI will handle this DNS update for you. 

Please note, however, that if you send emails FROM your iMIS site (like event registration or purchase/donation confirmations, password reset emails, emails from Communication Suite, etc.) -- then you WILL need to update your SPF record, to include the new iMIS server IP address as an allowed sender for your email domain (the domain on your email "from" addresses). You can find more information on SPF records here:  https://support.imis.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025919931-What-is-an-SPF-record-and-do-I-need-to-update-it-


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