When should we update our iMIS website DNS to point to the Cloudflare WAF?


The DNS for your iMIS website(s) must be updated to the Cloudflare WAF IP (provided in your "DNS Update" notification, which you should receive during July 2021). You can make this change anytime after you receive the Cloudflare IP address from us, and the change must be completed by 31 August, 2021.  You must coordinate this change with your DNS provider/registrar.  Not sure who your DNS provider is?  Click here.

Please note:  If you have a ".imiscloud.com" website, we manage the DNS for that, and will make that DNS update.  No action is required from you for those websites, but we will send out a maintenance notification so that you are aware of the maintenance window during which the site will be down for the update.  These updates will not impact access to any iMIS website using a custom (non-"imiscloud") domain. 


For example, let's say your organization's acronym is "XYZ", and you access your iMIS site via both of the following domains/addresses:


"xyz.imiscloud.com":  We will handle the DNS update for this domain.

"xyz.org" or "members.xyz.org":  You will handle the DNS update for these domains.



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