iMIS Deskop - The Software Version 20.2.64.xxxx does not match the database version

In order to efficiently help you with this concern, try identifying the following:

1) Do you have more than one iMIS instance installed on the same iMIS App server?
2) If you have more than one instance, do both instances were upgrade to the same SP P - Version: ?
3) Cross reference the iMIS version by looking at the iMIS icon and version from: Control Panel > Programs and Feature

If your iMIS install icon shows the upgraded service pack version number within the control panel, and your iMIS Desktop is still triggering the version error (with an earlier version), please follow each steps from the following knowledgeable article, and this should help resolving this concern.

Once you are done performing all the steps from the above article, force apply the service pack p if you are still attaining the same error.

NOTE: Prior force applying the service pack, makes sure that everyone is signed out from the iMIS Desktop by clicking on file > exit. Simply closing the iMIS Desktop window will keep the session going...

To re-run the iMIS 2017 Service Pack installer

If a failure occurs during the initial application of the service pack and the installer needs to be run again, the InstallServicePack.bat can be re-run as follows:

1. Open a command prompt
2. From the SP_20.2.6#.#### directory that was created when the Service Pack installer was run, type the following: InstallServicePack -f
NOTE: The -f option allows the service pack to be applied again.

We hope the above helps.


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