Adding business objects and queries as available sources in Report Writer

The $/Common/Query Sources folder contains the data sources available to choose from when creating a report in Report Writer.


You can add data sources, such as user–defined sources, business objects, or queries, to Report Writer by adding the source to the $/Common/Query Sources folder:

  1. Go to RiSE > Document system.
  2. Navigate to the $/Common/Query Sources folder. blobid1.png
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Select the folder in which you want the source to appear or if you want the source to appear in the top Common section, remain in the $/Common/Query Sources folder.
    • Create a new folder (New > Folder). Make sure Allow only the following types of objects in this folder (select all that apply) is selected. Hold down Ctrl (Command for Mac), then choose the following from the list:
      • Business Object
      • Design Business Definition
      • Folder
      • Query
      • Shortcut
  4. Click New, then select one of the following:
    • To add an existing query, business object, or user-defined source, select Shortcut. blobid2.png
      1. In the Document Name field, enter a name for the source. This name will appear in the query definition.
      2. In the Related document field, Select the source.
        Note: Business objects are found in the $/Common/Business Objects folder.
      3. Click OK, then click Save.
    • To add a new query, select Query. blobid4.png
      1. Define the query you want to make available to the Report Writer. For more information, see Defining queries.
      2. Click Save, then click OK.

Note: When using an IQA as the report's data source, it is suggested to use the Top/Bottom report filter (Report Options > Filters > Top/Bottom) instead of enabling Limit the report to the top/bottom values. Using the Top/Bottom report filter will ensure no data is missing in the report.


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