We use INFORMZ from Higher Logic. Will this change affect our mailings, or do we need to update any connection details with Higher Logic?

Informz connects to your iMIS database directly over a VPN tunnel (to your SQL server's internal IP).  This IP address should NOT be changed.  The only change you should make is to your iMIS websites' DNS (A records)

However, please note that there is a configuration setting in Informz for the QueryService.asmx page for handling Target Groups for mailings.  We do recommend that you check to make sure this URL is up to date with your current iMIS website fully qualified domain name.  This can be checked here:

  1.  Log into Informz with Administrator privileges.
  2.  Navigate to Administration > System Settings.
  3.  Find the section titled Integration Settings.  That QueryService URL is a setting in this area.

Further, if you have customized the QueryService web.config file to restrict access to the QueryService by IP address, please see this article and open a hosting support ticket so that we can provide you with the IP addresses you will need to add, to allow access from the WAF.  

If problems are encountered with Informz mailings following the DNS change, please open a hosting support ticket so that we can assist.


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