When should we update our iMIS website DNS to point to the WAF?


The DNS for your iMIS website(s) must be updated to the WAF IP (provided in your notification), during the date range specified below. You can make this change at any time during the scheduled dates.  You must coordinate this change with your DNS provider.  Not sure who your DNS provider is?  Click here.

UK and CA hosting regions: July 8th - 12th
AP hosting region: July 11th - 15th
US hosting region: July 15th - 19th


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    Linden Hyatt

    Hi Deanna
    This is a little unclear as to the availability of our site, if for instance the update occurs on Monday 13 July ... does that mean the site will be at rick of being unavailable on 11 and 12 July?
    What is the safest option here?
    Thank you

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    Deanna H. Edwards

    Hi Linden,
    I think it's better addressed in this other FAQ:

    But to confirm: There should be no down time, as your website traffic will continue to go directly to your iMIS application server until you make the change. So you can make the change any time during the date range we provided. We provided a 5-day window so that you can make the change on either a weekday or weekend, at a time convenient for you and your organization.

    Hope that clears it up!

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    Linden Hyatt

    Perfect, thank you Deanna.

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