How to Stop Communication Template Emails from Sending


iMIS 2017

With MIS communication suite (smtp), the emails are going straight out through the smtp connection, and they are not queued in the database. Therefore, by the time that you report this concern to us, or someone is alerted it of, it is usually already too late. We understand this could be a rare situation on which someone inadvertently sends the email. As a best practice, we highly suggest to preview the communication template prior sending the email.

If the smtp virtual directory is stopped, then that could caused the emails not being sent, and it will affect any other process automation sending single emails. If for some reason, the AsiScheduler App Pool is stopped, then it would also cause some adverce issues with your web site availability, but it may stop the imis email from sending. At that point, you could potentially check this table to determine if those messages were queued:

select * from TaskQueueAdvancedEmailSendDetail (We know this table says advanced email, but it also uses the imis communication suite).

If they exists, then you can remove them before restarting the application pool. Replace [TaskQueueId] with the TaskQueueId identfied in the previous select query (above)

delete from [dbo].[TaskQueue] where TaskQueueId = '[TaskQueueId]'
delete from [dbo].[TaskQueueAdvancedEmailSendDetail] where TaskQueueId = '[TaskQueueId]'

**Important:** Ensure to make a back up copy of you database prior deleting anything.

The above is not by any means a standard operating procedure, and we do not have the ability to stop emails after they have been sent. Best thing to do is to avoid it.

Ref ZD123924, ZD130783


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