TECHALERT - Deprecation of IQA Service coming in 2020

DATE: February 28, 2020
TO: All iMIS Solution Providers and clients using iMIS Cloud Enterprise
SUBJECT: Deprecation of IQA Service coming in 2020
VERSION: iMIS Cloud Enterprise version 20.3.69 and later

At a later date in 2020, ASI is deprecating the IQA Service. Before the IQA Service is deprecated, it is recommended that you begin using the QueryService. 

The IQA Service allowed you to use any filter, even if the filter was not defined in the associated query. Unlike the IQA Service, the QueryService requires that if you want to use a filter as a parameter, you must define the filter in the query. 

The new process using the QueryService is to POST to the QueryService/_execute endpoint and provide the parameters that you need in the body of the execute request.  

Example: Using the QueryService

The query is using the Individual business object and has filters for Last Name and First Name. 


With the new QueryService, you cannot utilize a filter as a parameter unless the filter is defined in the IQA query. Since the filters for Last Name and First Name are defined in the query, you can utilize the filters as parameters for your service call: 


Another change in using the QueryService is that the PropertyNames must be included in the body instead of the URL, since before they were all called “parameter”: 


Output update 

The QueryService has also updated the output of the results, so that they are more readable and easier to review at a quick glance. 

The results before with IQA Service:


The results now with QueryService: 



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    Molivouth Boulom

    Will the (soon to be deprecated) "IQA Service" remain in future version? I don't see the need to delete existing functionality...

  • Avatar
    Bruce Wilson

    Can we use QueryService in iMIS 2017, even in a pre-release form? We'll need some time to transition, and that's a heck of a lot easier when you use both flavors in the same environment.

    Last year at Innovations, someone suggested there was an option (maybe a header in the request) that would let you receive name/value pairs like the "after" example above from the existing IQA service. That would be a huge help if we could use that.

    Edited by Bruce Wilson
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