500 Errors

A new feature has been added to iMIS 20.3 versions (and the upcoming iMIS 2020 version) to handle iMIS website errors not handled by the 404 error handler, called the 500 error handler.  The 500 error handler will display a more user friendly error to the end user instead of the generic "An iMIS error has occurred" error in previous versions.  The 500 error page is also designed to stay within the site's template.  Along with the new error page, new shortcuts have been added so that users can modify those default error pages if necessary.  You can also define a more user-friendly Access Denied error message to be displayed when a user tries to access content for which they do not have access.

A detailed error is recorded in the Event Viewer application log on the iMIS application/web server when a 500 or 404 error occurs.  Cloud customers can submit a support ticket to ask for the detailed error, while self hosted customers on iMIS 2020 can check the Event Viewer application log on their iMIS application/web server for the detailed error. 



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