Advanced Email showing 0 delivered



iMIS 2017, and iMIS Cloud 20.3

When sending an email campaign using Advanced Email communication template, and for some strange reason the communication logs shows attempted 1, and 0 delivered,

please perform the followin check points:

1) Check the AsiScheduler log for any error identify during the same time the email campaign was sent. 

AsiScheduler log can be found in the following sample path:


If you observed an error such as the following, then it is very likely the sending email address that is being used in the communication template has not been verified.

Sample Error: Problem encountered in AddEmailAsync

Response.Content:: {"errors":[{"field":"sender_id","message":"sender_id is not a verified sender identity."}]}
2019-12-09 13:18:40.642 ERROR 37 Asi.Soa.Communications.Persistence.AdvancedEmail.AdvancedEmailClient - Problem encountered in AddEmailAsync: 
2019-12-09 13:18:40.642 INFO 37 Asi.Soa.Communications.Persistence.AdvancedEmail.AdvancedEmailClient - End AddEmailAsysc
2019-12-09 13:18:40.747 DEBUG 21 Asi.Soa.Communications.Persistence.CommunicationEngine - Communication engine producer took 102.2666484 to queue 0 success and 4903 failures. 

2) What is the email address being used in the FROM field of the communication template. Make note of it, and verify with our tech support if this email address has been verified through SendGrid.


From the staff site navigate to > Settings > Advanced Email page.

  • Look for the field "Email", it was specified as an example:, then this was the origional Sender Authentication Email address configured.  
  • If this is the first time you are configuring Advance Email, then request our support team for the CNAME Records for your domain.
  • After you have updated the cname records we can verified the "Sender Authenticate domain", on this example:, and we will let you know it is ready. 

3) If you are using a new email address with a new or different Sender Authenticate Domain that has not previously being used, please ensure to request our support team to add the new domain to the Sender Authenticated domains, and we will send you a new set of Cname Records to be updated on your dns.


If you have an authenticated domain and your sender email address matches that domain exactly, your sender identity will be automatically verified.






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