Can't publish pages.


iMIS 2017

We cannot publish pages. @/<XYZ>/ClinicalPracticeForum

Sample screen capture:


This sounds as a problem with publishing. Are your pages in yellow publishing status? Do you have more than one iMIS App server connecting to a share iMIS Database?

If it is only one iMIS App server connected to a single iMIS Database, we will suggest fixing the publishing issue. Please, ensure to make a back up copy of your database as a best practice prior making SQL changes:

-- Clear out any publish requests except for ones that are requesting a delete from index
SELECT * FROM TaskQueuePublishDetail where ItemAction !=2
-- Clear out any parent rows for these delete publish requests
SELECT * from TaskQueue where TaskQueueTypeId = 1 and TaskQueueId not in (select TaskQueueId from TaskQueuePublishDetail)

--Clear completed publishing logs
SELECT * from PublishMessageLog where PublishRequestDetailKey not in (Select PublishRequestDetailKey from PublishRequestDetail where PublishedDateTime is not null)
SELECT * from PublishRequestDetail where PublishedDateTime is not null
SELECT * from PublishRequest where PublishRequestKey not in (Select PublishRequestKey from PublishRequestDetail)

-- *Proceed with caution here* - it's possible that resetting these back to "not started" will result in double processing of the tasks
-- if it got stuck after the task fired. There's no way to tell without manual inspection - check the task log and scheduler log around the time of the StatusUpdatedOn time in these rows.
-- There is a chance people could get duplicate emails, a stored procedure could be run twice, etc. But if you delete it, it's possible an important task won't be fired
-- *******************
-- Update any "processing" trigger details back to "requested" if they have been stuck for over 12 hours

SELECT * FROM TaskQueueTriggerDetail where TaskQueueStatusId = 2 and StatusUpdatedOn < DATEADD(hour, -12, GETDATE())

rebuild the SQLQueryNotifications in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). To do that:
- Stop the AsiSchedulerPool app pool on their iMIS app/web server
- Expand the iMIS database
- Expand Service Broker > Services > right click the iMISPublishServer and delete it
- Right click the SQLQueryNotificationService and delete it.
- Expand Queues and do the same there.
- Run DB Maintenance "prepare iMIS database" to recreate the SQL Server Broker services and queues
- Start the AsiSchedulerPool app pool and browse the scheduler application in a web browser on the iMIS app/web server.

The above steps helped getting this type of concern resolved.

If the above did not help, please reference to the other public kb article:

Ref zd119296, zd130985


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