Order Confirmation Email does not work after applying service pack


iMIS 2017

order confirmations stopped working after the upgrade (applying service pack. We had a similar situation in the past on which the following task definition was missing. Therefore, perform a sql query from SSMS, and ensure you do attain a resulting row. If there is no results, this indicates that this TaskDefinitionKey is missing: 'F1F4F61B-5230-48E8-B3BE-C151F8FC2E2B'

select * from TaskDefinition where TaskDefinitionKey = 'F1F4F61B-5230-48E8-B3BE-C151F8FC2E2B'

Sample screen capture:



Sample of how it is supposed to show up:



Action Plan to resolving this concern:

Please, ensure prior force applying the service pack, that everyone is signed out from the staff site, and the iMIS Desktop (file > exit), not simply closing the IMIS Desktop from the top right red x. Everyone must signed out accordingly. From the iMIS App server Task Manager, > Users tab > you can also validate there is no idle sessions...

To re-run the iMIS 2017 Service Pack installer

If a failure occurs during the initial application of the service pack and the installer needs to be run again, the InstallServicePack.bat can be re-run as follows:

1. Open a command prompt
2. From the SP_20.2.6#.#### directory that was created when the Service Pack installer was run, type the following: InstallServicePack -f
NOTE: The -f option allows the service pack to be applied again.

After force applying the service pack, please confirm that this query returns the expected row, please test order confirmation again.


Ref escalation ticket zd92528, zd117014, zd131181.


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