Using Office 365 and iMIS for communication suite emails


iMIS 2017

How to configure O365 in the web.config to be used with iMIS communication Suite.

The smtp settings can be configured in both web.config files (Net & AsiScheduler) that are located in these sample folders' paths shown below. It is best practice to make back up copies of your web.config files prior making any changes.

Web.config for AsiScheduler:


Web.config for Net Folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ASI\iMIS\net

The default settings in the web.config files are typically as follows:

<smtp deliveryMethod="Network" from="">
<network host="" port="25" defaultCredentials="true" />

The above <mailsettings> properties could be changed to any other email provider of your choice, or smart host. The great majority of providers such as O365 configuration will required you to authenticate with a real mailbox credentials to establish that connection.


<smtp from=""> 
<network host="" port="587" enableSsl="true" userName="" password="abc123" /> 

Note: Replace the above ( with the appropriate authenticated Office 365 email address

In regards to any limitations associated with Microsoft Office 365, please review this important article from Microsoft Office 365:





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