SecurityFault: {"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"Not authorized for Services."}


iMIS 2107

In this particular case scenario, we've observed the customer who experienced this concern resolving it by simply adding the loopback ip address ( and iMIS App server's (FQDN) in the host file. However, if that is not your case scenario, there are other check points that should be helpful in getting this error sorted out as indicated below.

Typically, this error is associate with having Web-Dav-publishing installed on the imis app server.

SecurityFault: {"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"Not authorized for Services."}

1) Please, run the following power shell command:

get-windowsfeature Web-DAV-Publishing

If it says "Available" under Install State, that means it's not installed.

If it says "Installed" under Install State it is, and it can uninstall through this command:

uninstall-windowsfeature -name Web-DAV-Publishing

2) If the above does not solve the error, please verify if you have a hosts entry for this (FQND) in your host file:

Sample: <tab's space>
Path where to find the hosts file:
From run type: %windir%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts



3) Ensure that you are able to browse the AsiScheduler from IIS Manager. Does it give an error, or does it render the page?


4) Another reason for the error is Manager, and Administrator accounts missing the RemoteService role. We used this SQL to insert them:

INSERT INTO UserRole (UserKey, RoleKey) -- MANAGER
VALUES ('E982D078-994A-4BF9-B424-1010E64097D4', '8DFF65A1-2CC3-4AAF-A9C1-9EB33662D576')

INSERT INTO UserRole (UserKey, RoleKey) -- Administrator
VALUES ('E4E99E9C-1C12-4920-8AB0-8F7DA7245091', '8DFF65A1-2CC3-4AAF-A9C1-9EB33662D576')


You have to change the UserKey values for Manager, and Administrator in the above SQL inserts to match what they are in the customer's database.



After adding the RemoteService role for Manager, and Administrator, restart IIS (iisreset) the site should come up ok.


Another helpful public kb article that should help validating other important settings:


Ref ZD142769, ZD81261, ZD106996





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