Email not listed in Communication logs after sending email


The following behavior has been observed:

When sending any email communication campaign (with iMIS communication suite, or advanced email) there are no errors observed in the communication logs (Staff Site > Marketing > Communication Log), and it does not show the sent email campaing, and also confirmed the email was not received.


Confirmed the following items listed in the bullet points work:

  • Tested publishing by creating a new content item. Verified that it did not get stuck in publishing pending for more than five minutes. Otherwise, this is a problem with publishing.
  • Confirmation emails worked fine
  • Forgot password emails worked fine
  • SMTP virtual directory in IIS Manager in good status, and telnet email test worked fine


In order to resolve this concern, validate the following:

Ensure that publishing is working. If uncertain, please publish a test content record, and verify that it publishes successfully. How to fix publishing click here

  • If publishing is working fine, it is important to validate there are no orphan records in the following tables:

Query the following tables:
select * from TaskQueue
select * from TaskQueueAdvancedEmailSendDetail
select * from TaskQueueAdvancedEmailEventDetail
select * from TaskQueueTriggerDetail


If any of the above returns rows of records, clear them all out:


NOTE: The only caveat is that you will need to resend any emails attempted before. Use best practice of backing up your database prior making changes.

DELETE TaskQueueAdvancedEmailEventDetail 
DELETE TaskQueueAdvancedEmailSendDetail 
DELETE TaskQueuePublishDetail 
DELETE TaskQueue

  • After the above have been completed, restarting the scheduler app Pool should resolve it for iMIS 2017 versions.
  • For iMIS 20.3, perform soft recycle on the iMisService app pool for (20.3)

At this point test communication suite emails again, and they should start working again. 

Typical cause of this behavior seems to be due to orphan objects in some of the tables aforementioned that are usually clear out automatically; nonetheless, these orphan objects could have gotten stuck in the queues, specially if there was a problem with publishing.





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