Advanced Emails are not sending out

An Advanced Email communication may not be sending for one of the following reasons:

ASI will review the logs (AsiScheduler) during the time that the communication campaign email was sent, which will allow us to narrow it down a bit further.

AsiScheduler log is found in the following sample path: C:\AsiPlatform. Please, attached the asischeduler log to the ticket, or the specific logs' snip of the time frame on which the issue has occurred. 

We would need more specifics such as:

1) Date and time of the sent (AEM) email. 
2) The Subject of the email.
3) The communication template Name & Path being used 
4) Has this exact communication template and associated IQA worked before?

 a. Or was this a new communication template and new IQA being used?

5) What is the Name & Path of the IQA that was used?

 a. How many intended recipients?


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