Advanced Emails are not sending out



Typically, there could be numerous reasons why the emails may not be sending out (database deadlocks, incorrect IQA query, corrupted communication template, invalid non verified sending email address used in the comm template, and server performance issues, and some times issues related to the recipient's mail server - error codes). Related to iMIS 2017 i300.

We can take a look at the AsiScheduler log during the time that the communication campaign (AEM) Advance Email Marketing email was sent, and that would allow us to narrow it down a bit further.

AsiScheduler log is found in the following sample path: C:\AsiPlatform. Please, attached the asischeduler log to the ticket, or the specific logs' snip of the time frame on which the issue has occurred. 

We would need more specifics such as:

1) Date and time of the sent (AEM) email. 
2) The Subject of the email.
3) The communication template Name & Path being used 
4) Has this exact communication template and associated IQA worked before?

 a. Or was this a new communication template and new IQA being used?

5) What is the Name & Path of the IQA that was used?

 a. How many intended recipients?


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