Advanced Email Attachments are not supported



Sending an email using Advanced Email:
Advanced Email does not support the ability to include repeating data (using the foreach placeholder) in the email from an associated data source.
When sending an email, the BCC and CC links, as well as the Attachment link, are not displayed.

Note: Please, see sample screen captures attached for iMIS 20.3 Cloud staff site on which the hyperlinks for attachment, CC & BCC disappear once Advance Email option is selected.

Sample Screen captures in iMIS 20.3 Standard Cloud:



For the regular communications you can use iMIS Communication Suite, and include attachments. However this works well for static documents. For any document that requires a query; the query has to be built into the SSRS for it to work.

Creating a communication with an attached report:

Select Add attachment to include a PDF or RDL (SSRS report) from the Document System as an attachment to your communication:

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