Order Confirmation is Not Being Sent



 If you are using the out-of-the-box order confirmation communication template, there is a possibility that it will not work as some of the parameters may not be specific to your company's sending email address, and so forth. 

1) We suggest copying the (icore) out of the box order confirmation From: 

, and then save the new order confirmation template on a slightly different path. When doing so, it will be viewed without the padlock. In this example, a new copy was saved here:


At this point, edit the *order confirmation copy* communication template, and edit the sending (FROM) email address, and any other relevant information in the body as needed, and save it again.

a. I will advise you to remove this portion from the body: {orderdetailsblock} for a successful test...

Refer to Setting up Order Confirmation:


2) Then, you will have to go to the Staff Site > Settings > Commerce > General, and point it to the correct communication order confirmation template:

 a. In the "Communication Template to use for Order Confirmation" click on select, and pointed to the new folder path where you have created the new order confirmation (the copy)... Save.

3) Purge system cache

 a. Staff site > Settings > About iMIS > Click on purge system cache. 

4) Test order confirmation again.


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