What is the Azure migration process?

Q:  How does the migration to Microsoft Azure process work?


A:  Your virtual server(s) are being replicated via Microsoft’s Azure Site Replication facility, to ASI’s virtual servers which have been installed and implemented on the Azure cloud platform. At the time of the migration, we will conduct a “planned failover” to switch and start using the virtual server in Azure.  Then we just handle a few network and DNS configuration items on our end, and then test to make sure the site loads, and that you can access iMIS using the same previous methods.  When we confirm the connections are working, we will send you a “migration complete” notification, so that you can test yourself and confirm all is working as expected.

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    Lisa Pritchett

    Is our database version the same after the migration?

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    Deanna H. Edwards

    Yes, Lisa. Your iMIS database version will not change.

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